The island of Langeoog is a cosy place well liked by families with smaller children – especially as there are no cars. People like to spend whole days at the beach (very fine and white sand) or take a trip with the small train which runs between the port and the village.

The Inselquartier ”Haus Lemgo” is situated right in the village’s centre and can house up to 89 guests. It’s a pleasant hostel with a homely atmosphere and a manager who does the cooking himself.

Grillplatz und Spielwiese (Hostert)

As everything is just a five minute walk away the house is a destination for kindergartens or Primary schools as well as for families and groups. The rooms consist of different sizes and each room has ist own sanitary facilities. People meet at the two Lounge rooms or sit in the backyard where the house provides barbecues during the summer and an adjacent playground.

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